Purchased Email Lists

Why Are Purchased Email Lists Considered Bad For Any Business?

The email marketing strategy is one of the most-effective growth-hacking techniques you can ever employ. Although purchased email lists seem to serve a temporary purpose, they are neither high-quality nor fetch the results you were hoping for. So, why buy them in the first place? The answer is simple. Short-term growth!

Today several online businesses have a short moratorium period, which means, they need to make quick gains before they sell it off for way more money or go completely bust! Chances are, the latter will happen much sooner than the former. Among the many reasons that can sink a business, the purchased email lists are one of them. Let’s see why.

1. You Are Buying Very Low-Quality Leads.

As any marketer would tell you, an organic subscription is the best form of email marketing because you would only sell your product or pitch a service to someone who wants to keep in touch with you and relies on you enough to give his or her email address.

In the purchased email lists you will find that most of the emails are either deactivated, unused, or your business emails end up in their junk folder.

2. Your Brand Is Unheard Of.

Typically, any business should make an attempt to keep in touch with their subscribers only when they want to hear from you. These are your loyal subscribers who have or would like to order a product or service from you. This is logical the right way to do business.

Contrarily, when you send a business email to a complete stranger who does not know about your existence but then suddenly receives an email, they feel suspicious and betrayed. Not only are they going to tag you as spam, some might also track you down and report your business to Google Webmaster, which could mean the death of your business.

3. Most Known ESP’s Won’t Allow Purchased Email Lists.

Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho, iCloud, etc., will not allow purchased email lists on their platforms simply because they do not want you to spam their other users with your illogical propaganda that was obtained through shady means in the first place. The agency who sold such a list to you must have obtained it in an illegal way, regardless of what they might have advertised to make a compelling sale to you.

4. You will never take off the ground floor.

If you are a newly minted small business who is eager to inform the townsfolk about your new opening, purchased email lists are not the way to do it, instead, employ promotional techniques, which may cost a little money but are effective nonetheless. If you take the shortcut, you will be digging your own grave.

A positive notion of your brand may take years to build, but it is easily destroyed. Even a small number of bad reviews about your email marketing strategy can affect your reputation and put you in the blacklist.

The loyal following of email subscribers is not hard to gain as long as you provide what they have been yearning for and offer a solution to a known problem. Do not be repetitive, and always reinvent your ways to approach customers. Think about what would motivate you to subscribe to an email list, interact with your target audience on forums and even on the comments section, offer insightful reviews that will move them to come check you out. Unfortunately, none of this is even possible with purchased email lists. So, the question is, why buy it in the first place? Let us know what you think.

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