Why Build an Email List? Top 11 reasons for giving the top priority to it?

Email Marketing is one of the most effective tools to convey to your prospect regarding why your company is the best for purchasing the products or availing the services. When a person conveys it to you through the content, it talks a lot about you and your company. Building an email list makes wonders to your business. Hence, it shouldn’t be underestimated. Email marketing is considered a revenue-generating machine for most of the Internet businesses in the form of Internet marketing gurus, SAAS businesses, e-commerce sites, and much more. Here are the following reasons why it should be your first priority.

    1. An email list can get your lost business back –If you have lost your blog, website, and your social media accounts, an email list comes handy in this difficult situation because of the simple reason that people can take these things away from you, they can never take away the email list that you have built. The search engine ranking and the social media sites are not owned by you and they can be taken away but the email list is the thing which you actually own.
    2. Cheapest means to communicate with the audience –The cost of sending email is very low and you can send the content having a lot of information about your company, products, and services.
    3. The preferred

 communication channel for commercial messages –About 75% of the online adults prefer the message to be sent in an email for both personal and communication purposes. It tops the text and the social media out of which 45% is for email to text and 30% is only for the text and 13% is for the social media.

  1. Updates are fast, easy and affordable – Sending an email has become the fastest, cheapest and the easiest way for commercial as well as personal communication. You can send an attractive and functional message within 90 minutes. There are plenty of Pre-designed templates in which you can choose any one of them. All you need twhy email listo do is to drop your text and images that are hooked up in the links.
  2. The best way to create trust – Trust is the base for any relationship. The email messages have a competitive edge over other means as they can be personalized and segmented narrowly and can make you feel that you are directly communicating with the person to whom you are sending an email. Your subscribers will develop trust over you once you start communicating with them regularly.
  3. Email marketing can be tracked by way of user’s click –You can test, segment, optimize and personalize the Email messages and know what works out the best for you. Based on that, you can recreate what has worked out the best for you over and over again.
  4. Your list can make wonders –You need to keep your subscribers happy and content so they will never get the thought of leaving you. For quick cash, you can pitch your product on someone else’s product and the user will purchase it in no time. However, we advise you n
    ot to overdo it.
  5. Highest ROI – As per the statistical analysis, Email marketing strategy has fetched the highest Return on Investment (ROI). It has been more effective in terms of results compared to the social media.
  6. Drive a traffic to any desired page – As your list increases, you will your website with a significant amount of chunk from your email messages. You can run your business without depending on a search engine or the outside traffic. Your list and referrals are more than enough for the business not only to sustain but also flourish.
  7. Your list cannot be sold – People in the financial domain do not focus on the website even if it has a warehouse, inventory, and a great website. The actual money comes from the email list. If you sell the products and/or services without the list, you won’t get that much profit. However, with the email list, you can reach to more people and double your revenue.
  8. Email is personal and private –Email is more user-friendly than social media and blogging. You build the trust when the reader’s whey they see your email in their inboxes. Also when you start conversing with them, it would give them privacy to give an appropriate feedback on your product. This gives you the scope to improve the product and the services you render.

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