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3 Currently Used Social Media Marketing Strategies By Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing (SMM), albeit new, has overtaken the traditional art of sales and marketing like a raging hurricane. For instance, Xiaomi keeps their marketing costs low because social media marketing allows them to reach and influence their target audience. Today, it is the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer in under 5 years!

So, what exactly makes this form of marketing so liked and successful?

The Internet, like the Universe, is an ever-evolving thing. It is expanding at a rapid rate and most likely, there’s no stopping it. The reasons being-

  • People love it so much so that they are almost always wired.
  • Unleashing its fullest potential does not even cost a penny! (Unless you want to)
  • Many channels of communication that serve a different purpose (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.)

While an appropriate use of Social Media Marketing tools can bring you tremendous success, it is quite important that you retain creativity and bring innovative ideas to influence your target audience.

Moreover, these 3 invaluable ideas of Social Media Marketing might help put your business ahead of the curve while generating a higher ROI.

1. Use images or graphics to attract & inform your target audience.

There’s a saying, “images speak louder than words.” Even during the days of “black & white TV commercials,” visual aids played an important role in advertising. This holds true even for today’s HD communities.

When you see a graphic filled with various colors and graphics, you understand the subject matter far better than without. Speaking in the modern context, where human attention span is less than 7 seconds (lesser than a goldfish, go figure), visuals can not only set your business apart, but it will actually prove significantly useful. Choose relevant images or graphics that speak to your audience in a clear and concise manner.

2. Never underestimate the power of short videos.

YouTube, Vimeo, and hundreds of other free video streaming channels have adopted the mantra of short videos. If you want to explain your product or service in the simplest manner, try making a minute-long video about it. The rule of the thumb is, ‘if they can find it easily, they will watch it!’

Short videos can encapsulate a lot of messages if narrated wisely. Your content must be as powerful and it must bind with your potential customers. You may even want to use graphics or sketches to cinch the process of a video presentation.

3. Build organic traffic for a loyal customer base.

Organic is always better. If it’s better in terms of food, it is better for your business too. Brands are built out of trust and loyalty that consumers put into a brand. The thought process and decision-making that goes behind purchasing a product from a particular brand is a matter of pride for that company.

You cannot buy customer loyalty, unless, what you seek is to look good on paper. Don’t feel disheartened and assume that a paid traffic is no good, it most certainly is, but there is a time for that to work out in your favor.
As a new business, you must aim at creating an almost-perfect product and learn how is your wide customer base using it. If possible, you should try to make your product or service more versatile.

Once you have scaled your prototype that your target audience finds appealing and useful, you have reached your mark and then you can start spending on paid promotions.

Organic traffic may take longer to grow, but it is the right thing to do. You must allow your target customers to use your service and then provide honest feedbacks upon which you can streamline your service model.

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