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What are ‘Rich Snippets’ and how can you increase website traffic with them?

In the world of cut-throat competition, Internet marketing offers the most diverse options. Technology is evolving greatly in the IoT and Big Data segments where consumer behavior is at the center of any analysis. While there is a surplus demand for almost everything, the competition is equally surging to attract visitors. Some of the trending methods being employed in 2017 include rich snippets, high-quality graphics and information-rich infographics and social media engagement.

Most startup businesses only think about short-term gains and once their website is listed on Google, they assume that their job is done. The truth, however, is far different and complex.

An internet marketer must always seek to be one-step ahead in the strategic development of his or her web-based business and be aware that a good web design or brilliant SEO techniques by themselves do not guarantee success on the ‘click’ volumes. Fortunately, you can flip the side in your favor by implementing innovative and fool-proof SEO technique called Rich Snippets.

What are Rich Snippets?

Snippets indicate fragments. You might not know about it but you must have noticed it when Googling for a good restaurant in the neighborhood or a tidy public laundry. It is what you see under the main title (in blue)- URL (in green), ratings, etc.

There’s a term called ‘structured markup’ that provides publishers of a website to inform the search engine about it. Although Google ignores using keyword meta tag to rank a website, the structured markup does contain SEO benefits. These are highlighted below.

  1. Using markup in search queries- Your search listing will have a major impact on the visitor, thus giving you a higher click volume. If you implement a CPC program, you can only imagine the profits that will bring besides your solid business model.
  2. Other common types of markup also include- people, products, events, businesses and organizations, and video.
  3. Besides, you will sometimes see the names of famous bloggers or journalists right above the meta description in a Google search listing. This is due to the markup “rel=author”.

The importance of rich snippets

It is worth remembering that rich snippets do not cause any effect on your web or page rankings. It is only implemented for the sake of assurance to the end-user. Although the contribution from snippets is entirely indirect.

Their importance can be significant for your website provided you use them judiciously. After all, any form of online search parameter that offers more clarity, interaction, purpose, and visual appeal to the user consequently improves the web traffic through CTR.

To Google, this factor adds more credibility and reliability because it guarantees an effective and refined search. Let’s shed some light on CTR and how it can also prosper your venture.

Click-Through Rates

Another immensely contributing factor is the CTC or the Click-Through Rates. This is a culmination of factors, of course. Whichever markup you implement, bear in mind, it must draw the target audience over to your domain.

When a user parses a string search, for example, “fine dining in Toronto” a beautiful photo of the fine-dining restaurant along with ratings and other relevant information would connect with the audience immediately. It would also stand out among the 5 other listings on Page 1 of Google search.

When you implement techniques like this, your click-through rate takes a hike. This is also how you receive qualified visitors who will read all about your business. From this point on, it is all about the information-rich content on your website.

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