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5 easy reasons to choose Facebook to sell products through Facebook online store.

Facebook’s dynamism is not unknown to the world. It is forever expanding with, celebrities, large & small businesses and the worldwide audience categorised into several age groups, interests, likes and their previous history of using this platform for entertainment, communication and everything in between. You can use this free and powerful tool to benefit your small business to sell products using the Facebook online store. But the real question is, do you need it & if so, why?

1. Use Facebook to sell your unique products.

If your product is the final solution to a problem faced by a select group of people, then having a Facebook online store is the right fit. As long as your product is not found elsewhere, or sold at a higher price but you’re selling a quality product at a reasonable price, then you should go for it.

Although it isn’t always so easy to create a unique product since your customers will always question your motives behind selling it cheaper than your competition and challenge your product’s efficiency, longevity, etc. You should be prepared for all of this mentally as you go forward.

2. Promotion of Facebook store can allow you to target a specific social demographic.

One of the most intelligent things to come out of Facebook is that you can choose your audience and filter it according to their geographical location, age group and even narrow down on their likes and interests.

You can choose to sell to anyone between the ages of 13 to 55 or over. Of course, the type of product your business manufactures may only attract a certain section of the population and the chances of even them buying it is even less. Although sales are never guaranteed, consumer visitation to your Facebook online store is guaranteed. So, you need to conduct a thorough research beforehand using forums, market research or opening a dummy Facebook business page to see if there’s any demand for your product at all.

3. Facebook ads and sponsorships perform a lot better than others.

According to a study, Facebook advertising is both cost-efficient and effective as compared to other Ad portals. This popularity is attributed to the fact that Facebook online store lends the business owner an opportunity to place videos and live streams that are known to raise popularity among the target audience. Secondly, Facebook is readily available on mobile, which makes it much simpler for businesses to offer value to customers regardless where they are located.

4. Put out special promotions and deals for customers through Facebook fan pages.

Promotional codes are what attracts online shoppers. With the help of Facebook fan pages, you can easily offer promo codes to users that will in-turn bring an increased amount of sales and boost your Facebook online store and if there is a link back to your website, that’s another effortless way to bring traffic and drive sales from your website too.

5. Promote your products on Facebook Timeline.

You can promote not just products but also your online store on Facebook timeline. When an interested user clicks on an advertisement of a product from your Facebook store, they automatically follow your page as well. Then, all of your store’s offerings are visible on their Facebook page by default.

In this way, they keep in touch with the updates and the progress made from your business and would be interested to make additional purchases. This is another free form of promotion and your business would cast a solid impression in the minds of your customers.

Driving sales through Facebook is hassle-free since everything is provided for you on this genius platform. But it is up to the store owner to understand when to choose the best course of action. There’s Facebook sponsored ads, page promotion, private or public group formation, so you must find out what would work for your individual purpose.

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